From landscape curbing, to paver installations and sealing - take a look at the services we offer, and experience the before & after results for yourself. Be sure to reach out to us directly to get an estimate, or schedule your services with Custom Edge Landscape Curbing, LLC Today!

Landscape Curbing

Landscape Curbing

Curbing is a concrete border that acts as a container for your mulch, rock or stone, flower beds, plants, and other landscaping features. Landscape Curbing is the primary focus of our business, and we offer a variety of styles and colors (see the bottom of this page). We can help you from choosing your preferred color and style, to designing a curbing aesthetic that fits your personal outdoor space perfectly for a custom, high-end look! Contact us today to get started.

Paver Installation

Checkout our crew providing installation for a pavement patio. We offer the very best in paver installation, and can help you create something specifically suited to your outdoor space. Contact us today for an estimate, or to inquire about our paver installation services here at Custom Edge Landscape Curbing, LLC.

Paver & Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

Landscape Curbing

When it comes to our concrete & paver services, cleaning and sealing can increase the life of your concrete, improve the look and feel of your home, and add value. Over time, buildup of grime such as mold, mildew and weeds can tarnish the look of your concrete surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, patios and more. With our professional triple clean process, and then a high-grade sealant, you can protect your concrete surfaces while enhancing their overall look!

Rock & Mulch Installation

Landscape Curbing

We've recently started providing more rock and mulch installation services. Mulch can provide a great look for your flower beds and landscaping, as well as prevent weeds and other unwanted plants from growing. Rocks also enhance the look of your property, and can range anywhere from white, to dark. Contact us to get started on your services today!

Primary Base Colors

styles and colors

Your primary or base color is the color that is mixed into the concrete so that the color is solid throughout the mixture, and even on the finish product.

Secondary Colors (Release Powder)

Your release powder serves two purposes, as an accent color and two, allows us to add color to the concrete without tearing it out.

Available Patterns



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